Wholesale Merchandise Companies

Wholesale Merchandise Companies

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Welcome to Wholesalers Network.com. Our website contians a growing number of wholesale product categories to choose from and thousands of wholesale companies on our B2B search directory. If you're a business looking to find some wholesale merchandise to sell online or offline then you can start your search by clicking on the category of your choice or browse wholesalers by country. If you're a business looking to get exposure for your wholesale company website you should visit our Company Submission page. We also offer Advertising options for your wholesale company, if you want to maximize your exposure.

Wholesale Merchandise by Category:
Belts, Flip Flops, Footwear, Gloves, Worldwide..
Art and Supplies
Craft, Frames, Paints, Photography, Worldwide..
Rims, Car Audio, Trucks, Worldwide
Baby, Children's, Women's, Worldwide
Computers and Software
Notebooks, Hardware, Desktop Computers, Worldwide
Cameras, Components, Gadgets, TV's, Worldwide
Food and Beverage
Drinks, Frozen Food, Fruit, Meat, Beef, Organic, Worldwide
General Merchandise
Dollar Stores, Musical Instruments, Pet Supplies, Wholesale Lots
Asian, Flowers, Gift Baskets, Worldwide
Health and Beauty
Hair, Skin Care, Pharmaceuticals, Shampoo, Organic Beauty, Worldwide
Home and Garden
Furniture, Plants, Dinnerware, Matresses, Worldwide
Industrial Supplies
Boxes, Machinery, Packaging, Paper, Plastic Bags, Worldwide..
Christian, Gold, Rhinestone, Native American, Silver, Worldwide..
Office Supplies
Business Cards, Paper, General..
Books, Comics, Magazines, Worldwide..
Religious Products
Clothing, General, Bibles..
Security and Self Defense
Security Cameras, Burglar Alarms..
Sporting Goods
Archery, Fishing Tackle, Golf, Worldwide
Tools and Hardware
Electrical, Building Supplies, Power Tools, Worldwide..
Toys and Collectibles
Board Games, Action Figures, Puzzles, Educational, Worldwide
Wholesalers by country: Australia, Japan, China, France, Mexico, Philippines,, Thailand, Turkey, Germany, and the USA

Wholesalers Network Blog - Recent Posts

Top 10 Management Quotes
I’m no longer managing other people personally, but managing yourself can still be challenging. I’m so easily distracted and I don’t stick to my own deadlines to complete tasks, so I’m probably better at managing other people than I am at managing myself! I’m not complaining though as I really do enjoy being my own boss and my only employee to look after and manage. [Read More..]

Walmart Selling “Fat Girl Costumes”
We complain when companies stretch the truth with their marketing campaigns but can they also be too truthful? Walmart has found itself in hot water after creating a category on its ecommerce website called Fat Girl Costumes. Customers were quickly offended by the stunt or mistake by the giant retailer and made it viral on social media. The politically correct police were quickly on top of the situation and forced Walmart to take it down and make an apology. As a small business, would you risk doing something like this? [Read More..]

What is Bitcoin?
Both small and large retailers are now starting to accept the digital currency called bitcoin, so what is bitcoin and how does it work? Well bitcoin was started just a few short years ago in 2008 by the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto who created the Bitcoin Core software and helped to set up the virtual network required to use and mine bitcoins. It is a peer-to-peer payment system with no central power structure or administrator lording over the minions in a central bank fashion. [Read More..]

List of Meat Suppliers
I have been working on the Wholesale Meat Distributors section of the directory, adding lots of new categories and improving existing categories. If you’re a meat supplier, producer, or processed meats manufacturer, let me know and I’ll add your company to the list. [Read More..]

Why Should Wholesale Companies Start a Blog?
Wholesale blogs are few and far between when compared with shop front blogs or e-commerce blogs, but things seem to be changing. Same goes for social media and b2b, it has been a neglected area for many companies. More and more companies are starting to see that it’s about building relationships with current customers and an offshoot of this relationship building through blogs and social media then leads to creating new customers. [Read More..]


Why does Wholesalers Network offer this directory of wholesale companies for free?
We're glad you asked. We understand that starting and running a business is hard work. It costs a lot of money to design, build and promote a new website. With all the costs involved with running a retail, eBay or e-commerce business we wanted to provide you with a free directory of wholesale merchandise and products.

Do you list wholesale dropship companies on this website?
Yes. All companies that offer drop shipping are linked to the "Dropshipper" page of the directory. See our article on dropshipping or eBay wholesalers for more information.

We also list wholesale distributors, manufacturers of products, trade only, end of line and closeout merchandise, liquidators, distribution networks, b2b news, wholesale suppliers, importers, exporters, transport, and logistics companies.

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